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Ai Top Ranking

The Ai Top Ranking is one of the main products of our service. We have been working on it for a long time.
Expert DeFi investors spend a lot of time analyzing and finding potentially profitable projects, while newcomers in the DeFi industry tend to have no skills to do that. Ai Top Ranking tool will benefit both, for experienced investors it will significantly reduce the time spent searching for potential gems, and for newbies this tool will allow them to easily immerse themselves in the DeFi world and avoid mistakes and big losses.
We have been developing our own algorithm with artificial intelligence, that automatically analyzes tokens in BSC and Ethereum networks, and highlights the most promising of them. During the analysis of projects, our algorithm uses factors such as on-chain indicators, social network activity, the presence of whales in the project, the distribution of tokens between the holders. Our algorithm will notice the activity surge in projects at an early stage and add them to the Ai Top Ranking. This way, we will significantly reduce the search for GEM projects for all the investors. However, don't forget that before any invest in a project, be sure to DYOR it!