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DeFi Analyzer

DeFi Analyzer is a tool that allows you to monitor in real time all the important metrics of any token in the BSC, Ethereum and Polygon networks. In this section you can see a real-time graph of each token and a list of transactions. Clicking on view will open that transaction in explorer and give you detailed information about it.
The overview tab provides on-chain information about the token selected. You will see the current value of the token and how much the price has changed in 24 hours, basic market information such as the total stock, marketcap, number of holders, commissions, etc.
You can add any token to your favorites and it will be displayed in the main section. This section then shows the performance of the selected token over a certain period, plus the project's social networks and official links.
On the Holders tab, you can see information about the distribution of the token between all the project's holders, and also check the top holders.