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Financial model

Is Pricetools free to use? And does trading on Pricetools cost anything extra?

Pricetools' analytics features are currently entirely free to use. All features on Pricetools are available to everyone once they have connected their wallet. Our platform will be free during the beta-training period of our AI, since we need to get as much data as possible for quick learning. After all the tools on the Pricetools platform are available and the AI is trained, we will run our Ai Top Ranking tool, our platform will run based on a monthly subscription.
The users can choose between three different tariffs, and the payment will be made on a monthly subscription basis. At the initial stages the payment will be made manually, in the future we plan to include automatically payments.
Our economic model provides some privileges for our token holders.
1) The platform will be totally free of charge for all holders who own a certain number of tokens. (The exact number will be announced after the token release).
2) The 20% of profits from subscriptions will be spent on buybacks to boost the price of our token and ensure its long-term and smooth growth.
Remember that you will still need to pay Network Transaction Fees (Gas Fees) as you would if you were usually swapping on a DEX.