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Social Analyzer

Social Analyzer is a tool that will save you from the constantly need to monitor the social networks of your chosen projects, most of the investors are in constant search of the best GEM and they have to analyze dozens of projects, and every one of them has several social networks, this process requires a lot of attention and free time. Our platform will let you track the most important events in the social networks of any project and follow the correlation between the graph and the social activity.
With the use of artificial intelligence technology, you can analyze the project's social networks to determine their activities and assign them a positive, negative or neutral color. In addition, you will be able to see the statistics of the general activity in the project's social networks, helping you to make better decisions about buying or selling the selected asset.
A dedicated section for Twitter analysis will help you track the growth and consistency of the selected project's Twitter account. You can see the number of tweets, followers and likes for each account. Our platform will help you to determine the number of followers in the selected account and show detailed statistics of all followers. This will help any user to draw conclusions about how organic the Twitter account is and avoid botted accounts (accounts with bot followers) in order to save their money.
The section to analyze the telegram channel of the project has many useful functions as well. You can see the dynamics of changes in the number of subscribers in the telegram account and if you see drastic jumps, you can conclude that the project has boosted itself with bots, which will be a bad sign. We can see the ratio of views under the channel posts to the number of subscribers, allowing us to determine whether the project's audience is real or the owners simply tweaked the views to fool its audience.
There is also a very interesting segment in this section, which displays all the mentions of the project in other channels. Thanks to this, you will be able to track the marketing of the project in Telegram, which Influencers support the project and what they write about it, if the project held airdrops and more. The statistics on the number of mentions will also help you to conclude how active the project is in this phase and make a decision about an investment in it.