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Pricetools is a platform designed to analyze DEFI projects that was created specifically for traders in the DeFi market. The platform combines on-chain analytics, social media analytics and token swap capabilities.
We have created an interface that provides an easy to understand on-chain analysis over the decentralized Ethereum, BSC, Polygon protocols to help traders make the smartest trading decisions in real time!
You can add coins of interest to your favorites and always monitor their movements. The trending sections will show you the most popular tokens in the network at the moment, and also the top tokens that have grown as well as the top tokens that have fallen off. You can see the pool of tokens in the selected network below, which you can sort according to your selected metrics.
It is not necessary to connect your wallet to use Pricetools if you don't want to, but some features will be limited. We recommend users connect their wallet because it provides full access to the Pricetools platform, and also allows you to save tokens to your favorites, buy and sell tokens, and more!