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Presale Analyzer

Presale analyzer makes the analysis of new presales simpler and more transparent for all the market participants. At the initial phase, the analyzer will only be available for projects that are launched on the Pinksale platform, but we plan to add other platforms in the nearest future.
This section will include the most trending presales taking place on the site at a particular moment in time. By selecting any of them, you will open the presale information section. Here you will see the project description, official links, and all the tags the project has, as well as its tokenomics. You can directly check the contract for any suspicious features in this section, which will prevent you from getting scammed.
In the presale information section, you will have a graph showing the number of daily investments in the project, and you will be able to monitor all the investments in real time and track all the emergency withdrawals. The most useful block in this section is the one that shows the top contributors. Anyone can track how much of the total supply is owned by the top 10 contributors, which helps to identify a project that could easily be hyped in the first few hours after the listing. If you analyze the top 10 wallets, you can see if the project owners themselves have pumped their presale, which often leads to dumping too.
We plan to add indicators in the future, which will help to immediately track how organically was filled in presale and if our algorithms will detect suspicious behavior from some wallets, the indicators will alarm about it.
This will permit investors to quickly and carefully select projects that are worth to invest in and avoid presales, which are obviously condemned to dumping.